• Kyson and Kyrene both started their primary schools in Singapore in year 2017 and year 2018 respectively. Their years in Xaris had prepared them well to be confident and happy learners in their new school. They made new friends easily and looked forward to going to school every week.

    They were both awarded the MOE Edusave Certificate of Merit Achievement as a recognition of being in the top 25% of their cohort. Kyson received it for the 2nd year in P2 and the first time for Kyrene as she completed her P1 this end of last year.

    They were also awarded values award in their own school for demonstrating their school values, Kyson received "integrity" values award and Kyrene received "respect" values award this year.

    We wish to thank Xaris & their staff for preparing my children both academically and in their character training to give them a good start in their primary school years!

    June Foo 

    - Children's name: Yap Kyson, Yap Kyrene
    -Xaris 5 & 7, Taman Perling 
    November 2018

  •      我是Jaeden Yeo 和 Elena Yeo的家长,今天特地写了一封感谢信给Tadika Xaris, Permas Jaya 。在此感谢老师的辛苦的工作,对幼儿教育的热爱和投入,及带给孩子们一段丰富多彩、健康快乐的幼儿园生活。

    六年了,时间过得真快,我认识 Tadika Xaris 已经六年了。大儿子和幼女纷纷离开他们熟悉的地方- Tadika Xaris。回想起三年半前,幼女还是一个什么也不懂,什么也不会的小孩子,经过老师的关心和鼓励,让孩子们在兴趣中学习,在学习中掌握知识。如今,她已成为一个具有多方面本领的小大人了!


    我家幼女即将毕业,立刻就要结束曾经给予她无限温暖,无限关怀的幼儿园生活了。相信此时的她肯定有着很多的不舍,舍不得离开疼爱她、关心她和照顾她的老师,也舍不得离开帮忙她、喜欢她和牵挂她的小朋友。 作为家长,我们多想让孩子们能长久的停留在“Tadika Xaris ”的温床中啊!但是小孩在一天天长大,他们终究有一天要高飞,进⼊他们人生的另⼀个驿站。我们永远不会忘记老师对他们的热情与关爱!

    在未来的人生岁月中,我相信,每一个孩子都会用心努力地走好每一步,不辜负老师对他们多年的细⼼教导与殷切期望!而作为家长的我,对所有的老师同样充满着无限感激和深深的情意,因为你们不仅仅是孩子的老师, 也是我们家长的指导者! 再次对辛勤的老师们(Ms Jenny, Cikgu Su, Ms Lim, Ms Boo, Ms Leong, Ms Tan and Auntie Mah)表示衷心的感 谢!并祝Tadika Xaris 越办越好!祝愿所有的小朋友都快乐、幸福、平安,也期望小朋友们能很快踏上更大、更宽、更高的人生舞台!

    Aaron Yeo Teck Meng/Liow Phui Geok

    - Children’s name: Jaeden Yeo, Elena Yeo
    Xaris 1, Permas Jaya
    November 2018

  • Many people were curious when we decided to send our only 2.5 year old child to pre-school as it might lead to an unpleasant childhood. We began to doubt our decision and there were sleepless nights just before school reopened. Today we have proven to them that they are wrong. We are satisfied and impressed with what Charles has learned in school.

    Charles is independent, polite and respectful of others. He loves speaking in English though it is not his mother tongue. We were very surprised when he started using polite language such as Excuse me, Please or Can I? They warm our hearts. Sometimes, he praises us and other family member using words like good, perfect or awesome. We are pleasantly surprised and can’t imagine hearing these words from an only 4-year-old child. Ultimately, we start using these words in our daily conversations.

    Today, Charles can do simple mathematics like addition and subtraction which for us are primary one standard. He likes story-telling and reading. He will request to go to bookshops and can stay there for a long time.

    After going to school, we observe that Charles has improved in the way he controls his emotion and temper when things go wrong or are not according to his wish. He will tell us: it is okay or we can try again. The words are so encouraging to us. Charles has also improved in sharing his toys and belongings with those younger than him. He is caring as he leads and guides them while playing. We believe this is what he has learnt in school because he is an only child.

    From the daily school routine, Charles learns to have meals on his own and finishes his food at the dining table. For us, we strongly believe this is a good practice and having meals together with family members is good for family bonding.

    Besides improvement in his academic and emotional development, Charles falls sick less often as well. We are happy with the school hygiene and health precautions taken.

    All the progress mentioned above brings us joy and satisfaction. We have no regrets starting him early and believe this is a good start for him and his future.

    Yang Cheng Yew & Lim Pey Nih

    -Child’s name: Charles Yang Hao Hee
    Xaris 2, Taman Johor Jaya
    November 2018