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  • We would like to deliver a huge thanks to all the staff at Xaris. Our daughter, Kelly attended Xaris 2 since January 2016. Our experience with Xaris has been positive all along, from the very minute we step into the centre for registration. The place was organised, clean, spacious and we were greeted with pleasant smiles. Even our mum was giving us the nod instantly after she steps in with us that day.

    It was great to know we can be updated regularly via Facebook, Whatzapp and notes (in the bag) which allows us to communicate freely. As time goes by, we are so glad Kelly is always happy going to Xaris. From Facebook, we are able to see that she is constantly engaged in creative activities and handcrafts. We are very happy with Kelly’s writing and reading progress. We really appreciate your efforts in education and care for her. Most of all, we can’t thank you all enough for filing up our daughter’s day with fun and joy. You all are special, thanks!


    Adrian Wong and Emily Choo

    -Child’s name: Wong Kelly,
    Xaris 2, Johor Jaya
    10th September 2016

  • 一转眼,祖安在TADIKA XARIS三年了。这的课程不仅仅是语文科让我孩子可以独立阅读,数理方面也是用概念来教学,让他在数学方面有着举一反三的能力,科学是以生活化,生动有趣的实物试验方式让他了解。




    如院长说的,孩子们的工作就是玩,大部分课程都让我的孩子觉得从游戏中学习,孩子不会`排斥,效果加倍。总的来说,我对于TADIKA XARIS的课程很满意。


    -Child’s name: 李祖安
    Xaris 2, Johor Jaya

  • As a parents whom concerned on their kid’s education quality, we were searching intensively for a good, if not the best, kindergarten for our little son, Nagarjun when he was 4 years old. We made the phone call and the rest is history. With a formal visit upon an appointment, we immediately felt the aura of ideal learning and good attitude development for our son. Plus, since Tadika Xaris is based on Montessori, our confidence was further boosted.

    Today, our son has been with Tadika Xaris for more than 2 years. He is growing up with motor skills, proper attitude, good language command of both Bahasa Melayu and English, able to perform Mathematical calculation, Science knowledge and in fact, learning Mandarin as well, as he is preparing himself to enter a Chinese primary school later.

    As a parents, we’re very impressed by the love and care given by all the teachers, whom always with their cheerful face. Their trademark greeting of “Happy Morning” brighten up our son’s day in Tadika Xaris. Furthermore, the learning goodies given before the end of the day are very encouraging and motivating our son to keep learning new things in this world.

    Thank you, Tadika Xaris!

    L Nagendran & M Kalaidelvi

    -Child’s name: N Nagarjun
    Xaris 3, Seri Alam
    9th September 2016