Tadika Xaris

Tadika Xaris is a renown pre-school that adopts the Montessori method of teaching, preparing children to be all-rounded individuals in schools. Apart from Montessori, Tadika Xaris invests heavily in many other areas such as developing a comprehensive science programme for children. It is common knowledge that children are long term investments with high expected returns. Records have shown that many of our children are high flyers in the areas they are involved in. Our pre-schools cater for children aged 3-6. Places in our pre-schools are very limited and are going out fast, so do contact us now.Together...helping your child bloom!

Eye Level Learning Centre

Afraid that your children are not fully utilizing their time? We offer children aged 4-18 the Eye Level learning programme. Eye Level is a learning programme from Korea with one of the world's leading research and development team. As with many of the educational programmes offered today, the Eye Level learning programme helps with the generation speed and accuracy of answers. In addition to that, our learning centres train up children to be equipped with creative and critical thinking skills, which are essential skills to stand out in the competitive world we are living in today. Getting these skills at a younger age renders future progress much faster. Contact us now for the future of your children.


Our Mission & Philosophy

To provide a happy, secure and challenging environment for your child’s total development. Not only will they be given the opportunity to develop their ability to solve problems using organized approaches, they will be guided to use their freedom wisely. They will also be taught to respect themselves and above all, to take joy in learning.

We are committed to make your child the centre of our work. We aim to work in partnership with parents to enhance the abilities and skills of the whole child including physical, intellectual , language , emotional and social development.

Tadika Xaris incorporates the Montessori Approach with our conventional approach to discover and enhance your children's fullest potential by building:

  • Self confidence
  • Self motivation
  • Independence

through specially prepared environment and activities. The Montessori Approach aims to allow children to grow naturally, to retain their individual and develop their own unique personality.