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Datin Ang's experience with young children started since 1982. She graduated and worked as a cost accountant in 1985. She was also a teacher in Foon Yew High School from 1988- 1992. With a growing love for children, Datin Ang decided to concentrate on children’s education and has since 20 years ago started a chain of 5 Tadika Xaris running curriculum designed and written by herself in the city of Johor Bahru and 13 Eye Level learning centers in the state of Johor. Datin Ang holds an International Diploma in Montessori and a Master in Education (Early Childhood/Special Needs Education). She further pursued Counselling studies up to Advance Level and she has been giving free consultations to parents and children for more than 20 years. Datin Ang was a lecturer for Australia Institute of Montessori Studies leading to a diploma in Montessori teaching for several years. She is also an active member of Persatuan Tadika Malaysia (PTM), Malaysia Association of Professional Early Childhood Educators (MAPECE) and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Council. In addition to the above, she is also a life member of Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia.

Besides concentrating on continuous upgrading herself, Datin. Ang frequently giving in house trainings to her own teachers and her Eye Level Franchisees and Instructors which contributes to strong goodwill of quality services from her teachers, Franchisees and Instructors. She also conduct seminars on "Parenting Skills" on invitations and also to parents of her students.

Madam Ang is married to Dato' Ir. David Lee, a civil engineering consultant, and has 3 wonderful sons. In spite of her busy schedule, Datin Ang has always made her family a priority. In fact, she is a major contributing factor to the success of her three sons, all with outstanding SPM, GCE "O" and ‘A’ level results leading to world class universities in London. They were also sportsmen representing schools and country. Today they are young successful working adults with excellent personalities and leadership characters.

Datin Ang appeared in major local newspapers such as The New Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Sin Chew, Nanyang and China Press for her quality curriculum, well trained teachers and her contributions in her own children's success.

Datin Ang strongly believes that, "Education is preparing children for schools; more so for life" and her mission is "To empower teachers and parents to maximised every child's potential."